Snow Storm 2011...

I'm WAAAAYYY behind in blogging. But just for documentation purposes, I wanted to get pictures of our huge snow on here. It snowed on a Sunday night in January and we missed a full week of school & work. It was fun the first few days but it got old pretty quick after that!

We ended up with about 9 inches! This is the most we've had in years!

Daddy and Grady built a Grady-sized snowman.

We only let Grady stay out for about 20-30 minutes at a time because it was soooo cold. It didn't seem to bother him a bit!

On Day 2 of the snow, Asten went over to his parents house (which is probably 10 minutes away) and drove his dad's four wheeler back over going down all the main roads! He's so crazy!!!!

Grady was THRILLED to borrow his papaw's "four nenner" for a couple of days!
This past week, Grady developed pneumonia and we are FINALLY on the mend! He is still taking breathing treatments every 4 hours until we finish his antibiotic next Thursday. He's feeling much, much better!
He and I are in Winter Break beginning Monday. While we have no big plans for the week, we're looking foward to being lazy around here.
We go to the doctor Monday to see Josie Claire and find out just how big she is! We still have about 6-7 weeks if she stays in the whole time!