A very tired little boy after doing this today...

It's hard work putting lots of layers on.
Let's go already.
Look at our little snowman, Mom!

"It's Cold...brrr"

We went to our friends, Bryan and Brittney's to play cards and ended up building a second, much better snowman. Grady loves the snow! I do too. If it's going to be this cold I want to see white blankets everywhere. This is such a pretty snow. I'm glad to live in the location we do. Everyone goes CRAZY over a couple of inches of snow. It's so much fun!


It's Monday...

Well it's booked...
Grady's 2nd birthday party will take place on March 13th (2:30) at Pump it Up!

It's a really cute place in Chattanooga with inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and jumping arenas. Grady has been to two different birthday parties and LOVES it! Let the party planning begin!

Grady's "Aunt Amy" is expecting precious McCoy Kate in 2 weeks. I'm so excited for her to arrive and for Grady to grow up with her. We can't wait to play with her in a few short days!

I got a new car on Friday! It is a black dodge Durango and it looks very similar to this:

Well it's time for the Bachelor. I'm rooting for this girl.... Ella. She seems so down to earth and she is from Tennessee!


Happy Birthday Big Boy!...

You are 22 months old today. Only one more birthday after this one and we won't be able to refer to your age in months. After you turn 2...it will just be 2...no more months! :( It is still so hard for me to believe how big you are! It seems like yesterday we brought you home from the hospital.

What are you up to these days?

You weigh about 33 lbs.

You wear size 2T in all clothes.

You wear a size 6 diaper.

You've starting telling us when you are pottying but aren't interested in sitting on your potty.

You love horses!
You love "bububebies" (blueberries).

You LOVE ketchup and will dip anything in it! ha!

You say "Dada Look, Mama Look" when you want to show us something!

Of course, ELMO is still your favorite.

You really like choo-choo's (trains).

You went to your first movie two weeks ago and loved it!
(I was so surprised you could sit through it!)

We love you so much baby boy! Do us a favor and slow down...you're growing up way too fast!


Last night was the night we have been antcipating for 2 months now! We took Grady to see "When Elmo Grows Up". He absolutely loved it! We actually sat on the 2nd row and it was perfect! Elmo and his friends came down from the stage and hugged the kids sitting right there. Grady was amazed!

Here he is ready to go saying "Cheeeeessee" before the big show!

Mommy and Grady leaving!

Daddy bought Grady this ELMO spinner that lights up!
(They are making a killing on little toys!...They sold ELMO balloons for 10.00 during intermission! They cost 2.95 at the balloon store!ha!)

He sat so still the entire show! He was mesmerized!

ELMO's World!

Elmo...as a boy scout!



Way back in November, I ordered 3rd row seats to see ELMO. We gave them to Grady for Christmas. He wasn't that impressed then. But, this Saturday we are going and he is so excited! As the commercials play, he says "Elmo, Elmo, Elmo!" I know we are going to have so much fun watching him!

This has been my first full week of work since before Christmas. I was getting used to being home with Grady. He has had a hard time this week at Mrs. Carla's when I leave. Bless his heart! It's so hard to leave him!


Snow Day...

Well I returned to work on Wednesday from the Christmas holidays. I had a great day with the kids but knew snow was in the forecast so of course I started getting excited about the possibility of school being cancelled. We found out Wednesday that students would be released at 11:00 on Thursday...half days are always fun (especially for 1st graders)! We got some snow...but the icy roads are what cancelled school for today!