Ring Bearer...

About a year ago, our friends Brandon and Brittany asked Grady to be the ringbearer for their July wedding. Grady was in my brother's wedding last October and I thought for sure his tux would still fit. ha! I was wrong. I ordered him a 3T and it came in with plenty of time to spare!

Here he is trying it on:

The wedding was this past Saturday at 3:00.
Here he is with the groom, Brandon:
He LOVED getting his picture made.
Brittany and Grady
He had more fun playing on the steps!
He did great walking down the aisle. We had him walk over to an exit door to meet Asten so he wouldn't have to stand still throughout the ceremony.
I didn't get a picture of him walking down because I was so nervous he would back out and make a scene. I'll order the professional ones.

At the reception he had a good time running around and stealing cheese cubes off the food tables!
...and eating THREE pieces of wedding cake!!! They were small slices, though! ha!
He loves Scott! Especially when he gives him whatever he wants!
On the way home after the wedding he passed out with his new Buzz Lightyear book (he got as a ringbearer gift) covering his face!

A couple of other things...

Guess What???
We are starting to potty train.
He is doing really good!
Look at his cute little Elmo undies!
Sara-Kate and Eli came over last week so we could exercise. The boys stayed and played with Asten.
Eli got to meet McCoy Kate for the first time.
Of course, Grady was all over her with kisses!
Last weekend we celebrated my Friend, Myra's birthday! I love both of these girls!

Me, Lisa, and Myra


4th of July...

We left for Asten's parents lake house (in Alabama) Thursday when Asten got off work. We arrived around 8:00 and the first thing Grady wanted to do was this: He LOVES "Papaws four-nenner"
He let Daddy ride him around when Papaw finished and they saw some fox and two deer running around!

Friday morning Asten and I got to sleep in until 10:00! Once we got up Ann made us homemade french toast. It was so yummy! We headed to Rome for a full day of shopping.
There were some really neat boutiques in dowtown Rome.
We found the cutest little bakery. It's name was "Honeymoon".
I think we had one of everything! It was so yummy!
Grady liked the icing the best! ha!
He loves his Nana and Papaw
When we got home Grady wanted to get in his alligator swimming pool.
We just stripped him down!
On Saturday morning, our BEST friends arrived!
Lee, Amy, & McCoy Kate came to visit along with Bryan, Brittney, & Myles.
Lee wasted no time getting the boys (Grady and Myles) on the jet-ski.
It was Grady's first time swimming in the lake. He's been down plenty of times and always rides the jet-skis, but we try to keep the lake water out of his ears (He's had enough ear infections!). He did good keeping his head above water.
McCoy's first time on a jet-ski, I think! =)
Lee's brother, Jason got to come and bring his sweet boys down to play.

Sweet Cousins
Uncle Bobo
Nana (Asten's mom) took care of McCoy Kate...
...and Grady while we enjoyed some fun and sun!

This precious baby is so good!
She was just happy to be here!
Amy and I had so much fun tubing...
..until we collided on our last go around. =)
We still had so much fun.
We could not stop laughing!
This is what a 1, 2, 3, and 5 year old look like in a blow up pool.
They had trouble staying out of trouble. =)
We watched Asten and Bryan shoot fireworks from the dock before heading home.
We had a great 4th of July weekend!
Hope all of your families did too!!!