Josie Five Months...

This post is a few days late. School has been very demanding this year and we are just now getting into a good routine. Our sweet girl turned five months on Thursday, August 31st!

What have you been up to, Josie Claire?

You weigh about 16 pounds

You wear a size 2 diaper

You are in 6 month clothing

You eat 5 oz of milk four times a day

You eat oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast

...a fruit and vegetable at lunch

...and a fruit and vegetable at dinner

You have started sleeping in your crib

...unfortunately you haven't slept through the night yet

Around 1:00 am you have to eat a little "snack" and then fall to sleep in mommy's bed.

You love to lay on your tummy and feel the carpet.
You laugh and smile alot but my camera is not fast enough to always capture it!

Your ticklish on your little thighs.
Your hair is WILD!!!
We have to use water to make it lay down when you wake up in the mornings.
We are doing our best to keep it tame with a bow.

You have the BLUEST eyes!

You've started to grasp things and your grip hurts!!!

You are tired of the swing and bouncy seat.

You really like your "jumperoo".

You like to stand up like this.

You ADORE your big brother.

He loves you more than anything and is constantly checking on you.

You are still such a sweet and easy baby.

I'm ready for you to sleep through the night, but I know when that happens you will be even older and I really am trying to enjoy you at this baby stage. Even though it makes for some rough mornings. :)

You make the sweetest little expressions with your mouth.

You are doing great at Mrs. Carla's. She goes on and on about what a laid back baby you are. I'm thankful for that. We love you so much baby girl! You have made the last 5 months so girly and sweet for us! Thank you for that!