Christmas 2010...

I really don't have an excuse for my absence of blogging...I just haven't been in the mood! We got a HUGE snow last Sunday night that kept Grady and I out of school ALL WEEK LONG! By mid week, I was really getting cabin fever but Grady has had a ball. He told me he "wants to stay home with momma everyday". It will be hard getting back into our routine on Tuesday. Tomorrow is MLK Jr. Day so we have one more day to be lazy.

Let's go back to where we left off...

Christmas Eve we always go to Asten's grandparents house. We had a great time eating, opening gifts, and playing our "White Elephant" game. I didn't get many pictures. Here is one of Grady with his uncle Will and daddy.

We came home and got cookies and milk ready for Santa.

We get up super early...5:00 am early. Asten and I exchanged our gifts alone so that Grady could have 30 extra minutes of sleep.

Look what Santa brought:

Grady was so much fun to open gifts with this year. He really got into it and it was so cute!
We always open stockings last.
We have to get up SO early because we go to Asten's parents (Nana & Papaw) house at 7:00 am. It started snowing on the way to their house! It hasn't snowed on Christmas in many years!

Such a cheesy grin!

He got a Harley Davidson from Nana and Papaw that he keeps over at their house to ride on.
We came back home around 10:00 am to exchange with my mom (Nani) and my brothers and sister in law. I did not take one single picture!
Avery was here this year and it was fun to buy for her.

After we exchanged, Grady was dying to try out his four wheeler.
He wanted to go show his buddy Myles.

We always celebrate with my dad and Laurie (Poppy & Gigi) the day after Christmas. It's the only place we go on this day so it's nice not to rush.
Grady got a Buzz Lightyear wing pack.
He didn't understand when we would say, "This is from Poppy and Gigi" he kept asking "For me? For me?". Maybe he'll understand next year who got him what.

Our Christmas was so special and we are so thankful for all that we have. Grady may be spoiled rotten and get more toys than he could ever need but we never forget the real reason for celebrating Christmas!