The house is still under contract! So this is exciting...We found a house in White Oak Plantation in Ringgold and will be buying it instead of renting the other one!!! It has almost everything we wanted. We wish it had a basement, but I think we'll be really happy. Especially since we can move straight there from this house! So we are excited!!!

My internet has been down for the last three days...they finally came out today to fix it.

I have two papers due by Sunday...but we are going out of town Friday morning (to the Lake for the 4th!) which means I must submit by Thursday night!!! :( I'm about half way there.

Grady is walking/running everywhere! It is so cute to see him walk into the room! He is such a big boy now! So he wasn't walking on his 15 month birthday but two weeks later he is going everywhere!

Have a Great Week


My Sister's Keeper...

Got up this morning and went with my old friend, Casey and Amy to see My Sister's Keeper. It is so good...but take your tissues! Wow...I haven't cried in a movie since Marley & Me. :) If you get a chance, you should definitely go and see it! It was really good to get together with Casey. She is back in town living with her mom in White Oak and planning a wedding for next month! :)

We went to Chili's afterwards and had a nice lunch. My brother is coming into town tonight. So that means I need to get my homework done now before he arrives!



Got up this morning

Took Grady to Mrs. Carla's

Met Lisa

Got a gift for Emma

Grabbed Chick-fil-a

Went to Lisa's parents

Worked on Paper

Picked up Grady

Went to Emma's Party at the Country Club

Ran home to Chat

Watching tv and playing with Grady

Good night!



Well..we have a contract on the house! The good news...they are paying our listing price. The bad news...we have to be out by July 24th! As of tonight our plan will be to rent a house in "Homestead" across from Ringgold Elementary. Our plans are to build in either Freeman Springs by my school or White Oak off of Boynton Dr. We don't want to rush into anything and with closing and moving less than 30 days away, this looks to be our best option.

While I am happy that our house is going to sell, it is a little sad because it was our first home and where we brought our baby home. But we definitely need more space so it will be a great thing in a couple of months!


Picture Post...

Since it has been so long...only a picture post!

Grady's 1st time in his blow up swimming pool.
He is so funny!

Pushing his racecar around the house

Going fishing with Daddy!

Happy Father's Day!

Everything is so funny!

At the park in Ringgold...I'm walking.

I love my monkey toy Santa brought me!

Playing on the motorcycle at the park!

Ready for daddy to get me out of the pool.

Grady is 15 months old in all of these!



Friday we grabbed Zaxby's and went over to Lori and Stephen's for Asten to help them put a tent up for Lily's birthday. Grady enjoyed getting to play with Lily. While we were there Amy found out that her papaw had passed away. She was so close to her papaw and knows that he is in such a better place now.

Saturday we went to Cracker Barrel and Grady ate a whole pancake! He loved it! He also really likes bacon. Afterwards, we went up to the shop to sit with Bryan for a little while. I had a massage at 12:00, from Asten on our anniversary. He is so sweet. Saturday night we went over and had dinner with Nan and John. Then stopped by Susan and James' for a little while.

On Sunday, we had to take Grady to the doctor because he began running a fever AGAIN. His ear infection had not gone away...so that was the reason for the fever. I met Brittney and we went to Sam's to get food for the funeral home. After visiting Amy and her family, we came home and worked all afternoon on the pool. It is FINALLY clear!

Grady is much better today. No fever. Running around and playing like crazy. We've got to go to Amy's at 1:30 to watch her nephews while the family attends the funeral.

This seems to be the BEST summer yet! Grady is at such a fun age and it is so nice to be lazy all day just watching him play. I could get used to this! :) I know I'll be ready for work come August.

Have a wonderful week!



I'm sorry it has been so long since my last post. Summer is finally here! Grady and I have had a wonderful and relaxing week.

Yesterday was Asten and I's 3rd anniversary. We went to the Bald Headed Bistro in Cleveland. If you have never been, you must try it. It is absolutely unbelievable and I am trying to think of the next occasion that we can celebrate there! I had the filet and strawberry shortcake! Both were amazing!

Grady was playing this afternoon and started messing my with school books. So I took them away and told him no-no. He threw a fit and ended up hitting his little mouth on the hardwood floor. Immediately it was gushing blood and scared me to death. After going to the doctor, we learned that he tore the piece that attaches the lip to the upper gums. It will heal and stitches aren't required for that area. :( He played all evening and seems just fine.

School started back this past Monday. These two classes will be done the end of July. This WILL be my last summer of taking any classes...I think. :)

Water to Woods is doing good...keep spreading the word!

Take care and I will post pictures of Grady soon. He is starting to walk and as soon as he masters it, I want to have a professional take some of us!