Did you know that...I LOVE SUMMER!!!

But I don't love the heat that comes with summer.
I just LOVE the fun things I can do when I'm not working!

Yesterday my girlfriends (Magen, Amy, Regina, & Lisa) came over and we had a pool day!
We went to lunch before hitting the pool.
I wish I had a picture.

Then, last night we met the newlyweds, Magen and Brennan, here: for this:

On Wednesdays at Bonefish they have $5.00 "Bang Bang Shrimp".

If you have never tried this, you are missing out!!! It is so good...but it is spicy.

Asten took off today and tomorrow. This morning we went to the pool and it was so nice to relax by the pool and let daddy swim with Grady.

After his nap we are headed here:

It's too hot to do anything outside besides swim! =)

Hope you're all having a good week!!!


Toy Story 3+Wedding+Father's Day=Busy Weekend...

Friday night we went to see Toy Story 3! As you know, we have been highly anticipating this event and were so excited to go! We met Bryan, Brittney, & Myles at the theatre along with our friends Lisa and Rodney and their kids.

Grady wore this cute little shirt. =) The Rave had these booster seats for little kids. It was perfect!

Grady is drinking coke and eating popcorn since it was such a special occasion!

He was too busy eating his popcorn to smile for the camera! ha! His buddy, Myles

Myles always holds his little head. =)
We had the BEST time and can't wait for it to come out on DVD!!!

Saturday my good friend, Magen, got married. She and I work together and have become such good friends!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and so much fun!

For Father's Day on Sunday we first met Asten's parents for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I didn't get a picture. =(

Then, we came home and grilled out with my dad and grandfather.

Here is Grady helping Poppy with his "prizes".

All the "Father's"

Pop, Poppy, Daddy, Uncle Will (Avery Rose will arrive in Sept.)
We had a great Father's Day celebration!


Take me for a ride...

Every time we pass our friend Lee's shop,
Grady says "I ride Lee dozer, I ride Lee dozer!"

So finally, today we had the chance to go down to his shop.

Lee's sweet dad took Grady on a dozer ride and he loved it!

He didn't know what to think at first.
"Pops" showed him how to blow the horn!
...and go foward
While they were riding, Grady fell asleep! =)

He can't wait to go back!



While we were getting ready last Thursday for our anniversary dinner, Grady found his daddy's boots.
Look how BIG!!! (He wears a 15!)

Remember the White Chocolate Fondue kit Asten got me for our Anniversary? I wanted it so bad, Friday night I dipped strawberries in it. The three of us sat in our bed and ate every last one! I have to say Grady ate the majority of them. He LOVED them!

Saturday: I had my monthly scrapbook party. I "scrapped" ALL day long!
Here are Grady and I when I got home:

Sunday: This is our routine...we eat breakfast and read the paper. Grady pulls one ad at a time and tries to find something interesting. Lately, the ads have been full of Toy Story merchandise so he loves that!

I went to Hobby Lobby today and found this on clearance for $2.00!!!

It's a giant Toy Story coloring book.

Three days until Toy Story 3...we are EXCITED at our house!!!

Tonight is Game 5 of the finals and we are rooting for this team:
Right now they have won 3 games and the Lakers have won 2. Tonight could be the last game if the Celtics win. If the Lakers win, there will be one more game. I want them to win, but would like to see two more games...so we'll see!


My Sweet Husband...

I had to go to the dentist yesterday afternoon. =(

When I came home to get ready for our anniversary dinner, this was lying in my jewelry box:
I now have 4 beads on my second pandora bracelet!

We left to head to the Melting Pot in Chattanooga!
When we got there, I found that Asten had ordered this little bouquet to be waiting in the cutest little private booth.
Dinner was so good, but I forgot to take pictures until we were finished.
(So I found these online)
We had this spicy cheese dip.
We had lobster, shrimp, steak, tuna, chicken, and pork for our entree. It is all raw when they bring it to you. The fun part is deciding if you want a batter on it and frying it up! They have lots of different dipping sauces, too.
Dessert was my favorite part! We had the original chocolate with a swirl of crunchy peanut butter in it. mmmm...
This is when I remembered to take a picture! ha!
Thanks, Asten for another wonderful anniversary celebration!
It's hard to believe it was our 4th wedding anniversary!!!


Four Years Ago Today...

I was here

walking with my dad down the aisle
to exchange rings with this guy

and become

Mrs. Sullivan
and live happily ever after!


I love you.
You are my constant in a not so constant world.
Grady and I would be completely lost without you.
Thank you for being a better husband than I could have ever dreamt of and the most incredible daddy to our precious baby boy.
Happy Anniversary!
4 down...40+ to go!

All my love,


Life as a teacher...

Having summers off was not the only reason I went into education. But, it's definitely one reason!!! Today was day two of Summer Vacation and I found myself thinking, "How can people work year round?" =)
Even though Daddy has to work during the day, we can still play all evening.

Grady loves his daddy's cell phone...
...even when he's not talking to anyone!

When I get my camera out, Grady gets his and brings it up close and says, "Cheese!"
It's ok that it is backwards.
We have been anticipating this since last winter...

Toy Story 3 comes out in 11 days!!! Grady LOVES all things Toy Story and we are so excited to take him to see it! I don't think he can swing a midnight showing. But, if he could we would definitely be there! ha!

We just couldn't pass this Buzz Lightyear car up last week at Wal-mart!
Hope you are all enjoying the start of summer, too!!!