Grady is growing up so fast and it has really hit me lately that he isn't a baby anymore. Of course, he will always be my baby...but he is over the whole cradle hold where I could hold him for hours! He is a big boy and so much fun but I miss the little baby that he was. I am also realizing the importance of family time. For us, the week is always so busy and with my "school" (not work) about to start back up, I really want the weekends to be nothing but family time!

This morning we woke up and went to Cracker Barrel. Grady and I shared french toast. He was such a good little boy! He has even learned to color without putting the crayons in his mouth! He was so good, we thought we would let him pick out a toy in the country store! ha!

He couldn't decide on just one and had so much fun playing with all the different little things. So we snuck out without buying anything! He has so many toys and if he isn't just in love with it, what's the point in buying another one?

We went up to the mall to run a couple of errands and ended up meeting Lisa. We had a great girls day together and Grady was so good! I got a lot accomplished! Josh drove up and met us around 3:00 and we had lunch at P.F. Changs. Then did some more shopping! Josh gets 25% off at Old Navy so I stocked up on some stuff!

It was Bryan's birthday, so we met everyone at Big River for a little surprise party! We had a good time, thanks for inviting us.

Last night I made another batch of cupcakes. The only way to truly practice, is to use realy cupcakes and let friends and family sample them! I'm just glad I have people around that will try because I can NOT eat all of the cupcakes I have been making!
Bryan, Josh, and Myles came over last night. Myles was really wanting to play with Grady. He was more than willing to try out a cupcake!

This is what Myles' cupcake looked like when he was all "done".

Here are some of the designs I created last night! Again, these had the raspberry filling, but these were vanilla cupcakes.
I had used all the blue, so I filled the same bag with yellow and this is what I got. Cool, huh?



I have always wanted to learn to decorate cakes. So yesterday I went with my friend, Jennifer to Hobby Lobby and purchased a cake decorating toolbox full of fun tools. My goal is to be able to do my own cupcakes, cakes, etc. for showers and birthday parties. I starting practicing yesterday with designs and my skills have definitely improved in the last day! Here is a picture of the buttercream icing I learned to make. It has the best taste! I used it all up last night playing around with all the different "tips" that go on the icing bags. So I made another batch today and look at all the fun stuff I created!
These are devil's food cake with raspberry filling cupcakes. :)

I love how fancy you can make regular cupcakes!

I could NOT keep all these sweets here! Ha! So I took some to our neighbors, Bryan, Brittney, Jennifer and Philip.

I also played around and created a 3D banana for Grady. He's not too big on icing though! :) It's definitely not perfect, but not too bad for my first cake, huh? I have lots of showers and parties coming up! Hopefully my skills will save me some money!


Happy 17 Months Baby...

You turned 17 months today! Where does time go?

Your little friend Ruby Foster (7 months) came over last night and it seems like yesterday that you were that small.

What have you been up to lately?

  • You surprised Mommy this past Saturday as you climbed up on the couch to sit by her. That was a first!

  • You are sleeping on your big boy nap mat at Mrs. Carla's.

  • You have started getting a little scared when you hear a loud sound and aren't sure where it's coming from.

  • You love toys that are vehicles...ambulance, fire engine, trains, etc. Daddy got this train set for you. You don't like to let the trains go on the track, you'd rather pick them up and hold them.

  • You LOVE Elmo or Melmo as you call him.

  • You love fresh strawberries! We just found out last week and you can't get enough of them!

  • You created your first artwork last Thursday at Mrs. Carla's. See photo below:

Since mommy started back to work...she's really been missing you. You stay at Carla's from 7:20-3:20. Around 1:30 mommy takes her students out to recess and wishes so badly she can just run and pick you up so that you can play with them.

Happy Birthday (#17) Big Boy!

Tonight, we went to our friends (The Foster's) house for dinner. You and Aiden play so well together. Here are you and him tickling each other on the couch.

I'm sure you will have many memories with your buddy, Aiden as you two grow up together!



I was folding laundry the other day and Grady found his daddys underwear! Hey, at least they were clean!
As you know...we love monkeys! I found out that the Creative Discover Musuem in Chattanooga had a Curious George exhibit. We had so much fun. Grady really loved playing with all the fun stuff! Especially George! Me and my boy (and his new Curious George) at the museum.
Here is Grady's friend, Aiden and him swimming at the pool. He loves holding his breath and going under.
I just loved this picture of my boys.


Blogs and Bubbles...

If you read the other day, I made a blog for my friend Lisa. Well her mother saw it and wanted one for her travel agency. So I created this for her:
She is so sweet and loved her new website. Go check it out www.rosiesrecycledteenagers.blogspot.com!

We went swimming this evening after dinner and met up with our friends Jennifer and Ruby. Aiden was too tired to swim with us tonight. Grady had a great time and has even learned to blow bubbles in the water!

2 days of school down! 178 to go! :) Just kidding...my class is really sweet!



We went to church this morning. Grady got moved up to the next class in Sunday school. He did great! We ate at Panera Bread and then met the Canady's and Cable's at our neighborhood pool and went swimming. Bryan and Brittney had us over for dinner. It was so yummy! Time to start a new work week!


Lazy Saturday...

What a week! It is so nice to relax at home with Grady. He is riding his race car all over the house...but it still relaxing. He went to the store this morning with Asten and played for an hour, took a nap, and now he's ready to go. Asten has been cleaning out our garage...yes we still have a few boxes out there! :) Anyway...lazy days are the best!

I also created a new blog for my friend, Lisa. Go check it out...www.mylifeinafraternityhouse.blogspot.com.


I feel like I've been to a lock-in...

I'm sure you've been to a lock-in as a child, right? Do you remember how exhausted you feel right before your parents come to pick you up? That is exactly how I have felt ALL week. I went back to work a week ago today to begin getting my classroom ready for my new students. I went Saturday-Wednesday and did not leave BEFORE 11:00 each night! Wednesday I even stayed till 1:00 AM. (Not to mention I got there at 7:20 every morning)

I have missed my boys tremendously (Asten has been a wonderdad for me this week!)...But it all paid off! My parents (of my students) went on and on about how cute everything looked. You know me, everything must be perfect.

The way I look at it:
"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." I am so fortunate to work for the school I do. It is located in a community with so many involved parents. I never have to worry about not getting enough supplies, etc. like some teachers do. They are wonderful and are there anytime I need anything. I feel very fortunate especially this year! I have 19 kids and all of their families came to MEET YOUR TEACHER day yesterday. I usually have 2-3 kids that don't show up for this, but they all did! Today was the first day of school and they were absolutely precious. I would love to post pictures...but confidentiality...you know. Anyway I know it will be a wonderful year.

I will post pictures of my door and outside wall...remember I did the dog theme. It is so cute. My door is covered in black fabric and I made a "collar" to go around it. I put white spots all over the door with each child's name written on them and I said "Find Your Spot in 1st Grade!" Cute, huh?


I did it...

Look at what I did! I created the header you see above. That's right I did it on my own...it may have taken me a while to learn but I finally figured it out and didn't have to pay anyone! Gosh I'm good!!! It's not perfect but I am proud of it!