Our Busy October...

This month has been so busy. But we have been making GREAT memories!
This past week, we went over to my grandparents. Asten and my brother, Will helped move two carpets around for some furniture to be delivered. We were so excited to see "Baby Avy". Grady is in love with her!
Grady had to hold her right away! He has trouble just looking at her. He wants to kiss her constantly!
Aren't her skinny jeans so cute???
Avery and her great-grandfather, Pop.
Granny Rose
They were getting ready to leave and Grady wanted to tuck her blanket around her. So cute!
and of course give her a few more kisses! She'll love him one day!
She is just the most precious little girl! Her hair is amazing!
Last weekend, we went up to Dahlonega with our friends and had a great time! We went to Burt's Pumpkin Farm and Grady had a blast.
On the hayride
Uncle Lee
...and we found the cutest pumpkin in the patch, McCoy Kate!
Grady loved playing all over the pumpkins!
We tried to get a group shot of our three kids. This was the best I could get! It will be even more challenging the next time we go....two more kids in the mix!
Grady and precious McCoy Kate. She has the cutest little "fangs" on the top of her gums!
He and Myles had a great time playing on the porches of the cabin.
They dressed up in their costumes one night.
He loved playing with the binoculars. (seen hanging around his neck)
Halloween Pictures and Post...coming soon! I'm ready for bed!!!


Gulf Shores...

Well it's been a month since I last posted. I thought I would stay more up to date...but it just hasn't happened.
A week ago, we spent a long weekend in Gulf Shores. I was on Fall Break Friday and Monday so it was a nice little get away.
Asten's parents have a timeshare there and they were already there when we arrived. Grady had a wonderful time playing in the "giant sandbox"! He loves the sandbox at his school so the beach was heaven for him.
Daddy and Grady building a sandcastle
We went out to the Oyster House Friday night and he found a couple of ride on toys.
The big alligator!
Nana and Papaw
Headed down to the beach with Daddy
Taking a break from sandcastle building
Throwing sand
Sunday night we went to Jimmy Buffett's sister's restaurant called Lulu's. It was a really neat place!
Eating at Lulu's
Our little family

After dinner we went to the amusement park and Grady had a ball riding the kiddie rides.
He went up in the little ferris wheel all by himself. I was more nervous than he was.

Driving the airplanes
He loved the choo-choo train. You can see the back of his head above.
The swings
And the biggest part of the night...Grady rode his very first go cart. He called them "cars". You can barely see him sitting in the passenger seat beside his Daddy. He went sooooo slow the other cars were passing him. I'm so glad he did. :)
His buddy Seth (Mitzi's grandson) riding the spinning cars

Gulf Shores was a wonderful way to spend my Fall Break!

This weekend, we are off to Dahlonega, GA with our friends Amy, Lee, Bryan, and Brittney. We are spending the weekend in a cabin in the woods! We are taking our three kids to the pumpkin patch and hitting the outlets in Dawsonville. It should be a lot of fun!! I will update with pictures next week.