12 Days of Christmas...

It's Christmastime and that means FUN Christmas activities almost daily!

This past Wednesday the girls from work and I had our 1st annual Progressive Christmas Party! We had such a good time!

We started at Regina's house.
She is our librarian/media specialist.
She served light appetizers and fun drinks.
She is the 2nd from right below.

Our 2nd stop was here at my house.
I served heavy appetizers and we had so much fun sitting around and talking.
Our final stop was at Leigh Ann's.
She served dessert and coffee.
Her mom does the cakes for the Gordon Lee Mansion and they are AMAZING!
Leigh Ann (far left) teaches 1st grade with me this year and I just LOVE her!
We stayed at Leigh Ann's until 12:30! I never stay out that late these days but we just could not stop laughing and telling stories!!!

I love all these girls and am so thankful to work with them.

Last Sunday, Grady went to Poppy and Gigi's to decorate Christmas ornaments.
Grady loves to get crafty!
We start our yearly Christmas events tonight beginning at Asten's Nan's house!!!

---------12 Days of Christmas---------
Let me start out by saying that lately I have been asking myself this question...

Does Grady really need anything (toys/candy)?
I just love to see his expression each morning when he wakes up, turns the tree on, and finds a little something special!
It makes this special season last just a little longer. :)

On the seventh day of Christmas, Grady received a candy cane filled with m&m's.
On the eighth day of Christmas, Grady received a Go Diego Go flashlight!
He calls it a "slashlight"! ha!
On the ninth day of Christmas, Grady received a little tool kit.
On the tenth day of Christmas, Grady received a transformer candy pack.
He's getting so good at smiling at the camera!

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Grady received a m&m candy pack with fan attached.
On the twelth day of Christmas, Grady received a Go Diego Go airboat.

Is it really Christmas EVE???

Hoping for a WHITE CHRISTMAS tomorrow!



Click the link below to see a video of Grady dressed up as a Dancing Santa!
So Cute!!!


Days of Christmas...

Well, we got our wish Monday and had a snow day. It was so nice to stay home all day and get caught up on some household things. Asten was home too except in bed all day with the stomach virus. We are so happy he is feeling better.

Last year, we started the "12 Days of Christmas" where each morning Grady would receive a little gift.
Monday was December 13th, so it was the "First Day of Christmas"!
Grady always goes in to turn the tree on and then see what surprise he has under the tree.
It is so much fun to do this tradition.

On the first day Grady got a chocolate covered pretzel.
On the second day he got a squishy alligator!

On the third day he got a package of Diego stickers!
Here he is on the fourth day turning on the Christmas tree.
He got 3 chocolate Santas!
On the fifth day, he got a monkey that blows up into a punching ball!
On the sixth day of Christmas he got a Toy Story 3 coloring pack!
It's hard to believe there are only 6 more days until Christmas!!!

Yesterday was Grady's last day of school until the new year. They had their Christmas party and all the moms and dads come to celebrate! It is so special. Here are the little gifts the moms made for each of the children.
This is Caid, Grady's buddy! He loves him and follows him around everywhere at school. Caid will be going to Kindergarten next year and Grady is really going to miss him!
Asten drove all the way to Rocky Face from work only to go all the way back after the party and this is the best picture I could get of Daddy and Grady. He is so stubborn. ha!
Before we ate, they did a little Christmas Carol program they had been working on.
Grady wanted NO PART in it! He cried through the whole first song. He sat with me through the other songs.
He was ready to eat though!

Then it was present time!
He was so excited to open up the presents!
Mrs. Carla got him this Buzz Lightyear. He LOVED it!
He flew Buzz around the whole house!
She also got him this Buzz costume set that he has worn all morning long!

We LOVE Mrs. Carla!
He also got 2 Diego books and a Dinosaur from Raelin (a little girl in his class). They each draw names and it's so cute for them to exchange gifts!

This was our favorite:
It was wrapped to Mommy and Daddy love Grady.
They made it out of rice. Isn't is precious?
We had so much fun at his Christmas Party!

Grady's favorite book right now is the Gingerbread Man.
He has memorized all of the chorus and it is so cute to read it with him.
So last weekend, we made gingerbread men.
What a mess we made!
But he LOVED it!


It's sooo cold....

Well it is snowing here! It's about 20 degrees outside...hoping for a snow day tomorrow! ha!
This is my last week of school before Christmas Vacation. Grady and I are so ready for a break!
I had Asten take a picture of me last week...I was almost 23 weeks when it was taken. The lighting is not good but Grady was so cute wanting to get in the shot. Thanksgiving weekend, Asten killed his first deer of the season. Grady was beyond exciting. Everyday when we call Asten after I pick Grady up from school, he asks him, "Did you get a deer yet?" Asten always responds, "I'm at work, buddy!" ha!
So cute! Here he is holding the "horns" as he calls them.
For Thanksgiving, we rented our neighborhood clubhouse and had all of Laurie's (my step-mom) family up. It was great! Laurie goes by Gigi and she and Grady created these indian outfits for him and Avery. They were sooo cute!

Grady LOVES his cousin "Baby Avy"!!! He is very, very sweet to her. But, we have to watch him carefully because he is all HANDS On! As you can see he is trying to tell her something to look at here:
She's not too sure of him yet but one day she will LOVE him! This is another cousin on Laurie's side, Donovan.
He soothes her when she cries! ha!
This past week we went and saw Santa Claus at the mall. I ordered him a little Christmas shirt to wear and he was so cute in it.
Just this past week we noticed that he is really smiling when we ask to take his picture. I'm so glad he's starting to look and smile at the camera. It makes it much quicker to get a picture.
Doesn't he look so grown up???
Have a GREAT week!!!



I am FINALLY on Thanksgiving Break and I am so thankful for that!

I have SO much to be thankful for! But I'm most thankful that I get to spend the next three days with this guy:


Spiderman to the Rescue...

I know this post is almost a month late. But better late than never, right?
We carved Grady's pumpkin that he chose at the pumpkin patch before Halloween.
He wanted a spider scene to be carved on it. (It wasn't an easy task for daddy)

Asten and I went to a Halloween party on Friday night. He was Paul Bunyan and I was an oven with a bun inside! ha!

The only family picture I got on Halloween was this:

His Granny Rose and Pop got him a block puzzle and they worked on it before trick or treating.

My friend Amy B. came over with her little boy and Grady had so much fun trick or treating with him!

He loved showing up at Miss Brittney's and shooting a web at her! ha!
He only had one little spill where he dropped ALL his candy.

Aren't they sweet???
So excited for next week to be THANKSGIVING. I am ready for three days off work and to spend time with our little family!!!