Easter's on its way...

My step-mom, Laurie, took Grady up to some family land in Cleveland for some Easter Pictures. They turned out soooo cute....

He still isn't walking, so I'm not sure what we will do about an egg hunt this year. Maybe we can hide some and he can crawl around to get them...we'll see.

My birthday is this Thursday. It is really hard for me to believe that I will be 25. It seems like yesterday I was 15 and began dating Asten. Time flies.

I hope you all have a great week!


Sorry it has been so long...

I'm sorry it has been a while. I have just been crazy. Where to start?

Grady's birthday party was absolutly PERFECT!!!All of our friends and family were there to celebrate and he got so many wonderful gifts! The rain held off just long enough for the kids to go out and enjoy the zoo. Thank you to everyone who came!

His adorable cake!

His messy self after eating his cake.

We had our first grade PTO program Thursday night. We have been prepping for it for the last three weeks and it finally came together. The kids were so cute and the parents love seeing them in it.

Boot Camp is going good, hard but definitely working!

This Friday is our spring carnival at school. My classroom will be the duck pond. I am excited to take Grady for everyone to see.

School is still so much. I have seven books I should be reading, but I choose to spend time with my family instead. I will pull an A no matter what. But Grady and Asten come first!!!
Easter pictures to come...


It's So Cold Out....

The party is this Saturday and we are so bummed because there is a 60% chance of rain. Luckily the party itself will take place inside a cabin, so that will be ok. I just hate it for the kids, because they won't be able to go through the zoo to see the animals. I am praying that it rains like crazy tomorrow so that we at least have a clear day, Saturday.

Nonetheless, the party shall go on! Grady will be O-N-E next Tuesday. Everyone is asking me what he "needs". I am so thankful to say, that there isn't anything he "needs". We are very blessed.

Our diet is going really good. I have already lost 6 pounds. It's so good to not be hungry and just be eating the right stuff and still see results. I hope it continues to be this easy.

Grady is completely on milk and table food. Which is great and much cheaper! He is also off the bottle and only taking a sippy cup at breakfast and dinner. It is so nice. But, the formula was really convenient on the road, as we can't carry a sippy cup with milk around all day.

See you guys this weekend!!!



(DWTS) Dancing with the Stars is back!!!! I love this show and there is such a great cast this year. I am rooting for Melissa, from the bachelor. We'll see what happens!

Not much to update you on. We took Grady to the park tonight. He loves to swing. I wish we knew if we would be staying here because I would love to invest in a nice swing set. I just don't want us to get it together and then move.

I have a friend/personal trainer who is starting me and Asten on a "lifestyle change" not a diet :). I really hope we can stick to it. So far so good.

Week Ahead...

Well, I finished my paper! Yay...no school this week. I will start two new classes next Sunday.

Grady's party is Saturday! I think we have everything ready, hopefully everything will go great!

We spent the evening with some new friends, April and Daryl, cooking out. The weather was so nice today and we had a great time!

Grady will be 1 in 9 days. Here is a picture of him with his first cake. He had fun playing with it.

A lady that works at my school made his cake. Isn't it so cute? She will make his big cake for Saturday.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Beautiful Weekend

Grady spent some time with Asten's parents last night. Josh came in town and we met Lisa and Rodney at Carrabas for dinner. I still have some running around to do for Grady's birthday party, so we picked up a couple of things at Target. Then we all went and saw a late movie, Taken. It was good...a little too much fighting for me, but the guys liked it.

The weather should be great this weekend! My friend Kim is having a BonFire/Cookout tonight for her 37th birthday tomorrow, so we are going to drop by there tonight.

Looking foward to Grady's party and so thankful he is finally better. I hope you all got his invitation. If not, please let me know. We hope you can all make it.

I will add pictures soon, I am still trying to finish this huge paper that is due TOMORROW...aaaa!


Should be working on my paper....

But, the Bachelor is on! I have waited for tonight all season!!! I think he will choose Molly but I like them both so we will see! :) Grady is great! I trimmed around his ears tonight. His hair is really growing! I saved it and have it in his baby book now! Today was Dr. Suess' birthday and also Reading Across America Day. I am in the middle of two books. New Moon, the sequel to Twilight and Nicholas Sparks latest, The Lucky One. I don't have time to read right now when I have a 20 page paper due this Sunday. But anyway, hope you are all doing well. We are great! :) Grady's Birthday is in 15 days and it is so hard to believe he will be ONE!!!