Mother's and Memorial...

It's been forever since I uploaded pictures to my computer.

Mother's Day 2010
Some of my cards and gifts. Gigi had the silouette made of Grady.
Isn't it such a unique little gift?
Asten got me barstools!!! (I'll post a picture later)

For Memorial Day we went down to Asten's parents lake house.

We left Saturday after his fishing tournament.

Grady driving the jet-ski.
Papaw and Nana got him this blow up alligator pool. He loved it!

Especially drinking from the water sprinkler

Papaw drank from it...
Daddy drank from it...
We had a great weekend!

I have three days of post-planning this week! This is always such an easy week.

Looking foward to Friday, my first day of Summer Break!!!


Busiest Time of Year...

Where have I been???

Only 6 1/2 days of work left and oh so much to get done:
  • Finish Project Based Learning Week Friday (I have been doing photography)
  • 19 parent conferences to complete before Tuesday
  • Placement/Retention meetings (Tomorrow)
  • End of Year Report Cards
  • Awards Day (Monday)
  • Organization of the Talent Show (Tuesday and Wednesday)

These are just the major things I need to get done.

No wonder I backed into a car yesterday in the our parking lot at school! Ha!

Soon it will all be over!!!

Looking foward to many lazy days this Summer...just me and G.

I leave for Nashville Friday for my friend, Magen's bachelorette party. I'm so excited but sure will miss my little monkey.

Gotta head to bed...only two more days this week!!!


Fishing and Friends...

On Sunday, we went fishing at the Mashburn Farm.
Grady is really starting to understand the purpose!
He wants to hold all of the fish he catches.
Eli and Shelly came over tonight.
We had pizza and the boys got to play.
They are so cute.
We were sitting around the table talking and next thing we knew...

peek-a-boo They had thrown all the toys out and were inside Grady's toy box! ha!

I have started clipping coupons in Sunday's papers. Grady is enjoying it too! ha!

Last week, we went over and spent some time with Myles.
Grady absolutely adores him! I think he feels the same way about Grady.
He makes Grady laugh so hard!
sharing blueberries...
Life is Good!

Myles' birthday party is this Saturday.

We are so excited to celebrate him turning 5 years old!!!