Weekly Rundown...

I cooked dinner for some friends of ours and new neighbors. They have two kids and Grady really enjoyed playing with them! After dinner we strolled through the neighborhood and met some other neighbors. Here Jen and I are with our babies!

As soon as the Foster's got to our house. Jen set Ruby down and this is what Grady did immediately! I don't think she knew what to think! Maybe he is wanting a baby brother or sister...

  • Grady and I had a lazy day at home.
  • Asten and I worked on the garage when he got home while Grady took his evening nap. Almost done!!!
    I made shrimp scampi and hushpuppies. It was delicious. I wish I had picked up some cole slaw...that would have made it perfect!
  • I went over to Casey's to talk about her beautiful wedding and we finished the night by watching The Bachelor that we didn't catch Monday. I am so glad to have her so close in my life again.
Grady and I had some errands to do while Mrs. Suzie was here cleaning. We delivered my student letters to the post office, ate lunch together at Chick-fil-a and picked him up some new shoes at target.
One of the biggest accomplishments of the day (and I am so excited about it) is that I picked up the smallest package of target diapers (30 for $6.50) just to try. By the way I have never used these before because we are "Pamper's people" :) and I didn't want to waste my money on something that was going to leak. :) I eat my words...they are the BEST! Grady has had one on since yesterday around 1:00 and hasn't had the first leak!!! Yay for target designing such a wonderful diaper at such a low cost! We are now "Target Diaper People". Please go check them out for yourself, you won't be disappointed!!!
P.S. Thanks, Jen for telling me about these!!!

Grady's second cousin from Louisiana came to visit. He enjoyed playing with her although he did scare her a couple of times because he was playing so rough and being so loud! Here are the two cousins playing.

I spent the majority of the day working on my 15 page paper that is due Sunday. Obviously, I am now taking a break!!!
A couple of other things:
This was what our dining room chairs looked like before...
This is what they look like now that I have recovered them. I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby for $10.00. Can't beat that!
Last weekend while I was running errands for the Wedding...Grady's Poppy and Gigi took him to Cleveland to visit family. Gigi took some pictures in her sister's garden. Look how cute...
I took this picture of Grady a week ago. I just loved it! He loves his sock monkey!
Last, but most precious to me, are my two boys taking a bubble bath. Grady wasn't so sure about the bubbles...


Steele ~ Fradin Wedding...

My childhood bestfriend, Casey Steele got married this weekend. One of her bridesmaids, Katie stayed with us from Wednesday-Sunday. We had so much fun and miss them already! What a week...full of planning, prepping, and celebrating! Casey's husband, Chris is leaving for Iraq in September. They are such an amazing couple and have started their life off with the perfect wedding! Here are some pictures of the GORGEOUS couple!

This is Anthony, Katie's boyfriend. What an amazing person! We so enjoyed getting to know him and can't wait to visit him in France. He is from England and came to Georgia on a basketball scholarship. He leaves this Tuesday to go to Cognac, France to pursue a professional basketball career!

Casey is such a beautiful person, inside and out! I have never seen her so happy!



Yesterday, Asten had to work at the store. So Grady and I took off to Poppy and Gigi's and went looking for Grady some new shoes. His feet are growing so fast! In February, he was barely in a 4/5...I had to get a size 7 and 8 yesterday. I hope they last all winter. He got some little Sperry's and some New Balance tennis shoes. They are so cute! We then all went and grabbed mexican for dinner. :)

I went to my old-friend Casey's house afterwards and we had a girls night with her mom! She just so happens to live in my new neighborhood. :) I have known her since 1995 and she is getting married this coming Saturday. Her fiance is in the army and will be leaving for Iraq in August for a year! We worked on her wedding favors until midnight! We had a lot of catching up to do and had a great time!

Asten has to go to the old house today and finish cleaning out his garage. So Laurie is coming over to help me recover the cushions for my kitchen table! I'll post pictures of before and after.


The School Box...

This is so random. But the other day I posted a picture of my new theme for school. It was the cute little dogs. Well the vice president of School Box found my blog and offered a gift card to help me get more stuff for my classroom. Isn't that so neat? I shop at School Box for everything School related. But you don't have to be a teacher to find great stuff there! They have stationary, games for your kids, art supplies, and much much more! Check them out! What a nice gesture from such a wonderful company!


Grady 16 months...

HAPPY 16th Month BIRTHDAY, Sweet Boy!

What have you been up to?
  • you weigh 28 lbs. (95%)
  • You are in the 97% for height
  • You are wearing a size 5 diaper.
  • You wear size 18-24 month clothes.
  • You walk everywhere!
  • You can say: mama, dada, bye-bye, uh-oh, baby, melmo (Elmo :), nana, night-night, isa (Lisa)
  • You eat all table food!
  • Cheese is a favorite of yours!
  • You sleep from 9:30-8:00.
  • Your favorite toy is a John Deere Tractor...you push it all over the house!
  • You love to go to Mrs. Carla's. Two days a week in the summer!
  • You love the neighborhood swimming pool!
  • You aren't scared at all of the water and that worries mommy a little bit!
  • You love chasing after Cocoa and Reese. They don't love it as much as you do!
  • Your favorite outdoor toy is your cozy coupe!
  • You are learning to eat using a fork and spoon.
  • You are growing into a little man...way too fast for mommy!

I love you so much and look foward to many more milestones!


Pop and Rose...

My Pop and Rose came over yesterday to bring us a housewarming gift! They are my precious grandparents and Grady's great-grandparents. He had so much fun playing with them.

Ashley and Ella Grace came over to see our new house. Grady always loves playing with EG. She is 2 1/2 but they are about the same size. They are coming over again today and we are all going to go swimming! I'll get some pictures of the kids together and post later!

I cooked BBQ boneless ribs last night and then we took off to Lowe's to spend our housewarming gift card. Thanks, Pop and Rose.

I wanted a nice stainless trashcan for my kitchen. But, they only had one. It was 50.00 and not big enough to hold one day's worth of trash for us. So I settled on a smaller, more plain one and got to get one for our guest bath too. I also got a new broom and mop.
Thank you again, Pop and Rose.


Something new..

Since it is the 14th of July, I thought I would create something new...just for the fun of it.
So here are 14 things I need, no want, for our new house! :)
1. Dining Room Suite
2. Flat Screen TV for living room
3. Stainless trash can for kitchen
4. Blinds for dining room
5. Window Treatment for Bathroom to go over tub
6. More laundry hampers (to keep dirty clothes seperate in our closet)
7. Bath Mat for Master Shower
8. Patio Set for screened in back porch
9. 2 black rocking chairs for front porch
10. A fenced in yard
11. A bath pillow for my tub
12. baskets for my closet
13. A canvas family photo
14. New fabric to recover my kitchen table chairs

Wow...I sound selfish, huh? None of this would matter if I didn't have my two boys, Grady and Asten. We are so blessed to be in such a beautiful home and I look foward to completing it over the years with my family.

Back to school shopping...

I took Grady to Mrs. Carla's this morning for his last day of school this week. Then, I met up with a good friend of mine, Kim, to go to the School Box and spend our yearly back to school money. I picked out a new theme...it's cute little dogs. Here is a picture of it. It's always so much fun to decorate my door and classroom before the kids come to "meet your teacher" day.

We then went to Chick-fil-a to grab some quick lunch before going to the mall to look for a wedding dress for Kim. She is getting married next week. At first she thought she would just pick up a little summer dress to wear on the beach for the wedding. But, I think I talked her into something a little fancier. She will be gorgeous. Congrats, Kim!

Cindy and Will came over for dinner. I made Chicken Alfredo Pasta with broccoli and red onions. They all loved it. I also made a new recipe for guacamole. It was delicious!

I had a chat tonight...and now I am watching Tori & Dean.


Pictures of the house...

The pictures aren't perfect...you can see toys in some, but hey I'm the mom of a 16 month old.

From the kitchen looking into the living room

Looking into our bedroom. You can see the right window has new blinds.

Asten is currently putting up the left side.

I'm not sure if I even want to do window treatments because of the thick crown on all the windows make them look so clean.

Another one looking to the front door

My kitchen. I cooked spaghetti for our first real meal home!

Grady's Nursery

Living Room...our tv doesn't quite fill up the space. We've started looking for a new one that suits the hole better. :)

Grady didn't want me taking pictures...he wanted to be held.

My side of the closet

New Phone...

Ringgold Telephone Company set up all of our technology today!
Our phone number is 706-935-4788.
Talk to you soon!

My new signature...

I learned today how to sign each post I create. Pretty neat, huh?



Grady slept all night in his new room. He woke up at 8:00. I fixed breakfast and then he took a bath in my new tub. He loved it being so deep. It was like a little pool for him!

Then we went to the old house and cleaned it up a bit. There is probably one more truck load of stuff. Nothing major...mainly Asten's garage stuff.

We came home, had grill cheeses and put Grady down. While he napped, Asten got our blinds hung in the bedroom and I worked on school work.

We went to Lisa and Rodney's for Myra's birthday celebration. We had a great time...I should have taken my camera. Oh well.

Now Asten is hanging the blinds in our living room. Thanks, Lisa and Rodney for these!

I promise, pictures tomorrow!



So I write tonight from the comfort of our bed in our brand new house! What a day! We feel like we are on vacation and this house doesn't really belong to us. We started this morning at 9:00 am and by 10:00 we were loaded and headed to the new house. It took about an hour to unload and then with the help of our wonderful friends we got unpacked, settled, and decorated! Yes, I already have my pictures and decor items up and it really should feel like home. However, it's still a little weird to be somewhere different. Grady loved his room and enjoyed playing around the house. I have to thank Lee and Amy, Dad and Laurie, Lisa and Rodney, Josh, Will, and Myra for all of their help today! Our house would not look this good without each of you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My dad got BBQ for all of our workers for lunch. Thanks, Dad.

We ordered pizzas for dinner and had a wonderful time with the Cable's and Canady's just relaxing on our new back porch.

We are so blessed.

I will post pictures soon!


37 Sawtooth Oak Trail...

Well the above is our new address. Here are a few more pictures of the house. They installed the appliances, touched up some paint, and cleaned today! It looks so good.

I'll take one with the appliances and post it soon!

I didn't take this picture below...I found it on Google. But, thought it was cute!

Our realtor, Jan, brought the buyer of our home to see it for the 1st time! Yes, that's right he had never seen it before. He is from Pennsylvania and is moving to be closer to his parents who are becoming older. He liked it! He wants us to do a couple of things before closing on the 24th but nothing major. So I am relieved to have that over with. Usually, you ask for all these things up front and then make an offer. Just not in this case! :) Regardless, things are moving foward and I feel much better about the buyer!


Living in boxes...

Wow! I do not like the feeling of everything being all boxed up. But worst than that is the feeling that I will not get it all boxed up before Saturday. So I've got the Kitchen, Laundry, and Guest Bath down. Grady's nursery, our bedroom & bath, and guest bedroom to go. Asten is in the middle of his garage. He is off Friday so hopefully we will get it all done and ready for the guys to move us Saturday morning.

Only four more nights in this house...Still bittersweet for me!

I know we will love our new house!
Goodbye Pool...

Lisa came over last night and we decided to go to a late night movie. We saw "The Proposal". It was funny. I love Sandra Bullock!


4th of July and Our New Home...

We went down to Asten's parent's lake house for the 4th of July. We took our friends, April & Darryl along with their two kids, Taylor & Collin with us. It was a great weekend. Full of sun and fun!

Grady and Papaw

Fishing off the dock

Grady's New Fire Truck

Finally, a picture of our new house. We move in this Saturday and although moving is a pain, we are really excited to be moving into a new house with more space!

Here it is...

Different Angle

Dining Room

Looking into Kitchen

Grady playing in Master Bedroom

Playing Night, Night!