7 Days of School left...

That's right! Only 7 more days of school! I am so excited for summer to be here so that I can spend lazy days with Grady.

Water to Woods has been open for 4 days now. We had a great first weekend...now bring on the buisness. :)

Grady is still not walking. So close though. He is putting EVERYTHING in his mouth though. From shoes, to paper, to anything he can find. It is so gross and we are trying to teach him but he is so interested in how it tastes. :)

He has a pack-n-play at the store. He doesn't realize though that he can take a nap in it just as good as he can at home. Oh well...he'll get it.

I finished parent/teacher conferences today! Glad those are out of my way.

I finished my two classes!!! I thought this term would NEVER end. 6 more classes and I will graduate in December!!!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!


Water to Woods...

Asten's Grand Opening will be this Saturday beginning at 7:00. We will be there ALL day. Please come by anytime Saturday. We will have hot dogs and drinks. He is really excited about this and is ready to get the word out there. If you know of anyone who would be interested, please foward his store's name to them.

I am at home with Grady today. He has another infection. Possibly pneumonia again. We started an antibiotic this morning, so I pray it will be gone in a couple of days.

Tomorrow is field day at work, so Asten will be staying home with Grady.

Hope everyone has a good week. See you all on Saturday!!!


It's May...

For those of you who don't know...Asten is opening up a Hunting/Fishing store in Ringgold with his friend, Bryan. He is busy, busy running around for that. I will let you all know when it opens!

Spin Class again this morning! I made it an hour! Yahoo! Getting easier.

19 days of school left! Ready for summer so I can be with Grady and have lazy days!

Grady cut his 12th tooth. Aww...he is getting so big. Still not walking. He is standing alone though.

I will graduate in December of this year instead of next March. (Katie Sullivan, Ed.S)
So exciting!!!

Boot camp ends this week...but Peak Fitness will be my new workout zone!

I will get some pictures up soon of Grady. We are just always running...never stay still long enough!

Have a good week!