My Brother's Wedding...

My older brother, Will got married last Saturday. We were ALL in it! Friday night my parents had the rehearsal dinner. Here are my grandparents with all three of us and Grady!
Asten got Grady ready on Saturday so that I could get ready with all the girls. Here he is playing before the ceremony.
All of the wedding party. Grady didn't want to participate in this photo. :)
Grady with his Gigi.
Me and my little monkey after the ceremony. Waiting for pictures to be made.
Today is Halloween! Our families are coming over at 4:00 for dinner. Then we will take G trick-or-treating afterwards!
Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!


Happy Birthday Grady!

You are 19 months old today! You are growing into such a hansome, funny, little man!

What are you up to these days???
  • You weigh 30.4 lbs (95%).
  • You are in the 100% for height.
  • You still wear a size 5 diaper.
  • You are wearing 24 month pants.
  • You love reading books! This makes mommy so happy!

  • Some 18 month onesies still fit. (I love how cute you look in a onesie!)

  • You LOVE pears!
  • ELMO is still your very favorite.
  • You also love playing with trucks and tractors.
  • You really like riding your horsey. You have two different ones and love them both!

  • Bathtime is still so much fun for you.
  • You love pushing the jets button on and off.
  • You can point to the correct part when I say eyes, nose, mouth, hair, foot, ear, hand, and belly button.
  • You love to give knuckle (fist to fist with daddy).
  • You can say mama, dada, byebye, baby, melmo, papaw, nana, eye, nose, doggie, poppy, gigi, and beep beep.
  • You just recently started saying bye bye mama!
  • You usually sleep from 9:00-8:00!
  • You take a nap around 11:30-2:00.
  • You can hop from one foot to the other. :) (...or try so hard to)
  • You can eat with a spoon and fork all by yourself and refuse to let anyone help you out!
  • You love to kiss things! Here you are kissing your horsey.

Happy birthday baby boy! I love you more than you will ever know. You make my life so complete. I leave tomorrow for my conference in Atlanta and will miss you oh so much! Take care of daddy and I will see you on Wednesday night!


Busy Month...

Grady is at the best stage right now! He is so funny and laughs at everything!

I had Cindy's (my brother's fiance) Bachelorette Party last Thursday night. Here are the girls!
I made these cupcakes for it.

Our dear friends Bryan and Brittney had their wedding this weekend. Friday night we had rehearsal and dinner. Saturday was the wedding and it was absolutly gorgeous! The rain held off and it was such an intimate, beautiful wedding.

Isn't she beautiful?

They had the cutest candy station set up. Everyone got to fill buckets with candy for their wedding favor! Such a great idea!

I was off Friday, today, and tomorrow for our Fall Break. I took Grady to the doctor today. He has been congested and it was also time for his shots, so we took care of both of these today. He just has a cold, no infection. So thats great!

He weighed 30. 4 lbs. (95%)

He was in the 100 percentile for height and for his head.

His doctor said he was the size of a 28 month old! She isn't concerned because all of his "stats" are together. He is perfect to us! We know he's going to be a big boy!

Grady's new trick is climbing on the couch to sit next to me. We bring all his toys up so he can play with them. He loves sitting up here beside me!

I leave this coming Sunday afternoon for a conference in Atlanta. I will return on Wednesday. It is really hard to say yes to go when I can't bring Grady with me. I couldn't do it if I didn't have Asten. I have complete faith in him taking care of our little monkey. Even if he can't do the laundry. :)

When I get home from my conference we are going to Nemo on Ice. Then the wedding festivities for Will and Cindy's wedding will begin. This is what Grady will be wearing!