Books and Movies...

I just finished this book:

I have read almost all of Nicholas Sparks' books. He is just an amazing author. He has written some amazing books that have been big movie successes. Including Message in a Bottle, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Nights in Rodanthe, Dear John, and now this:I love comparing movies to the books I have read. The books are usually so much better, but I always want to see the movie for a better picture of the characters.

I really want to get a bookshelf so that I can display all of the books I have read. I like this one. We could put it in our bedroom with a flat screen tv above it. Isn't it cute?


Birthday and Spring Break...

The girls from work got together for "Italian Night" Friday night.
It was Lisa's turn to host.
Since my birthday is Friday, she surprised me with this:

Out of the ten of us, 8 have read all the books!
So it was kind of a treat for everyone!
Isn't it amazing?

They also got me this:
...an $85.00 giftcard to GAP!
I LOVE Gap and I love my girlfriends from work.
Work would be so different without them.
I went yesterday and bought some shorts and shirts with it!

-----DISNEY WORLD-----

We leave for Disney this Friday! It is supposed to be in the 80's while we're there! We are so excited. Grady is too! At first, I thought he would be too young to realize what was going on. I was wrong, he knows exactly who these characters are: Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, Tigger, and Pooh. I've been trying to familiarize him with all the Disney characters so that when he gets to meet them, he will be so excited! :)

We have reservations to eat breakfast with these guys on Tuesday morning:

Four more days of work before Spring Break! Yay!



We moved my brother, Josh home this past Saturday. Our weekend was very busy. He is finishing school and has moved home to finish up his last year.

Sunday night, Asten and I went on a date to the movies.
We saw this movie:

Last night kicked off Dancing with the Stars 2010!

I love the show and think it is so funny! This girl did the best! She is already a singer/dancer so she has a little bit of an advantage. Kate Gosselin...not so good. But hey she's a mom and this is all new to her.

Tonight is American Idol.

I still love Didi!


Happy 2nd Birthday...


We celebrated Grady's 2nd birthday at Pump It Up on Saturday.
It has two big rooms with different inflatables for the kids to play on.

The kids had to watch a little safety video before they could go in and play. Myles doesn't look too interested! He sure loves Grady though!
Grady is still a little young to crawl up the steps and go down the slide so we had to go down with him. He had so much fun and it was so good to have all his friends and family there to celebrate!

I found a picture similar to this cake months and months ago. I just knew Grady would love it and he did! My friend, Candy from work made it and I thought it was just perfect!
And it sure was good!
The gift table
Grady and his uncle Josh. He loves Josh!
The kids loved watching/helping him open up his gifts. Bless his heart, he thought they were going to take his gifts away from him because they loved them so much! He didn't understand they just wanted to check them out.

I was very pleased with Pump It Up! They have a person designated to your party and she took care of all the set up, clean up, and everything in between!

Once we got home, I put all the presents out in his "playroom" and we let him open and play with one present at a time. He still has two or three gifts that haven't been opened. This way he has been able to enjoy each gift individually and not feel overwhelmed. ha!
Where should I start???
He loved his Thomas the train set from his Pop and Granny Rose.
He loved all of his other gifts too!

Happy Birthday, Grady!
You are growing up way too fast!
We love you so much and hope you had a wonderful 2nd birthday!


Another Snow Day...

I am so blessed to have a job that offers so many perks! Snow days are one of those perks. While I am so ready for Spring to arrive...I couldn't pass up getting excited yesterday and last night at the possibility of staying home all day with G in our PJ's and watching the snow fall.

Last night was the bachelor. I really liked Jake but wasn't too crazy about either one of his choices. After watching a couple of interviews he seems really happy with his choice of Vienna. :) He will now be on Dancing with the Stars which starts in 3 weeks! I just love nighttime tv with my hubby. While I was in school, I missed so much and I love being lazy and having a show to tune into each week.

American Idol is another favorite of ours! Three nights a week is a little much, but we love it!

Here are four of our favorites:

Casey James

Aaron Kelly

Andrew Garcia
Didi Benami
Grady's birthday party is next Saturday. I hope everyone received their invitation. See you on the 13th at 2:30! Here is a sneak peek of the theme!
Ok, off to do some more laundry before lunch time !