8 things...tagged from Brittney

Brittney tagged me to do this so here ya go Britt! :) Luckily my students are in Computer Lab...or I wouldn't be on here!

8 things I am looking foward to:
1. moving into a bigger house
2. getting a new car
3. Grady walking
4. finishing my Ed.S
5. Being married 3 years and together 10
6. Getting the CRCT out of the way
7. Summer...pool
8. Getting skinnier :)

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Wrote a paper
2. took a nap with my baby and his daddy :)
3. cooked dinner
4. helped unpack boxes at Amy and Lee's
5. Had a piece of cake :( Stressed see number 1
6. Went to Lisa's
7. Washed some clothes
8. Went to grocery store

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Make an A in my EDU 731 class
2. Work part time
3. Keep all my laundry caught up
4. Cook every night even the weekends
5. Run a race
6. Not get so stressed about school
7. Buy my students enough clothes to get them through school
8. Visit Hawaii

8 Shows I watch:
(When I have time)
1. Dancing with the stars
2. The Bachelor
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. The Hills
5. Real Housewives (Orange County is the best)
6. American Idol (not this year though)
7. Keeping up with the Kardashians
8. The Rachel Zoe project (don't laugh)


Spring Break...

This week has been so nice! We didn't go anywhere for Spring break and it was actually very relaxing. Grady is definitely out of his normal routine and is sleeping until 10:00. That has been really nice since I have been staying up until midnight or later. Here is a recap...

Monday: Relaxing Day...went and visited baby Brayden at the hospital.

Tuesday: We went to the Lookouts game with our friends, Lisa and Rodney and their two boys.

Wednesday: Grady and I took off to Kennesaw to meet Josh and went to Atlanta.
We ended up at Northpointe mall in Alpharetta which was so nice.
I got my new Iphone! (It's even better than my old one)

Thursday: Lazy Day.
Went to Boot Camp.
Had a girls night out with girls from my boot camp.

Friday: Met Amy for lunch.
Went with Brittney to pick out her doors for their new house.
Helped get all of Amy and Lee's closet moved.

Saturday: Had a realtor show our house for the first time!
Went with Josh and Laurie to buy him a dining room suite.
Helped move Amy and Lee

Today will be a relaxing day with Grady and Asten. I do have to submit an assignment by midnight tonight, though. :(

Grady is really trying to walk...as I type he is "free standing" with nothing around him. Still hasn't taken those first steps.

Back to our regular routine beginning tomorrow. I have CRCT Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday...so it will be a stressful week.


Snow in April...

I can't remember the last time it snowed in April. My kids were so excited to see it snowing this morning. We walked out into it for a few minutes to settle their nerves. :) I need to take Grady to the mall to see the Easter Bunny before he is gone. I think we will go tomorrow (no boot camp).

Easter is this Sunday. We are really excited because I think Grady will love the eggs...even just to play with them and his basket. We are going over to Asten's grandmother's house at 2:00 on Sunday for lunch and then to our friends Lisa and Rodney's for dinner and an egg hunt.

School is so much right now...I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to drop out. However, I don't have it any where in me to be a "quitter". It's just not who I am. So I will endure the next 6 weeks of this. Hopefully I will have two new professors this summer who actually realize we have a life outside of grad school. :) I will stop venting!

Grady cut his 10th tooth. It is his top right molar. It seems so weird to see the molars in there. But with the food he is eating, he definitely needs some chompers.

Asten's truck broke down on the freeway this morning and he had to have it towed. Pray that it isn't anything serious. He's not due for a new car yet! :)

Have a great week!


Happy Birthday to me...

Today was my birthday and I had a wonderful day.
I went to work and to my surprise some of my students' parents came last night and decorated my classroom. So sweet! :)

Asten sent me the most beautiful arrangement of spring flowers from him and Grady.

Then, my class threw a party for me at 1:00 with the help of their parents!

We went to dinner at Provinos and I had way to many calories, but it was yummy.
Another great birthday!

Thanks to everyone for making it so special!