Where a kid can be a kid...

I got my kids back Monday morning! My in laws had kept them the whole week while I did my treatment. I wanted to take them somewhere fun to celebrate!!! =)
I missed them terribly while they were gone. I had never spent 7 days away from them! Thank goodness for FaceTime using our iPad and iPhone!
So to celebrate we went here:

It's really not crowded if you go early enough in the day. With it being a Monday, it was really nice to let the kids run around and not worry about a crowd! I love that they stamp each family members arm so that you cannot get out of the building without your all members of your party!
Amy and brock met us up there! We hadn't been since last summer so Josie really got to enjoy it this time!

All she wanted to do was put the tokens in the slot!

She also liked playing with the buckles in each of the rides!

Grady had a great time, too! His favorite games are the ones where you race or drive. I tried to explain to him that he wouldn't have many tickets if he played these games the whole time.

He ended up winning 68 tickets from the 50 tokens I had bought him. That was just enough to buy three Airheads (or arrow heads, as he called them). =) Such a ripoff but they had a fun time!


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